Anonymous: what do you hate about it? sorry I've never seen it/heard of it

no it’s okay so it’s this commercial for chocolate where they made a cgi audrey hepburn which is shockingly realistic but it makes me really uncomfortable and i can’t really explain why

i thought it was kind of slimy to bring a dead actress back to life to sell chocolate but i guess her family said it was great so i guess that’s cool

but just on a personal level it’s just…painful? it would be like in 80 years when cumberbatch is dead they make a…i dunno a jaguar advertisement where a young benedict is driving. how fucking excruciating would that be to see. pretty damn awful, i’d say

sorry this is not a well thought out argument or anything ugh

  1. iadler said: Yeah I just saw it and just..nope. It makes me a bit uncomfortable especially as it’s CGI ://
  2. shylocks said: It’s just horribly disturbing to me because I suppose, even if her family agreed you cannot possibly know what she would have wanted (it’s difficult to explain but it feels somehow like a violation)
  3. sleepyspacewhale said: I know! Watching it, I’m so familiar with Audrey Hepburn that it’s strange knowing that it was not her but a computer made figment. A memory of her charm, but not really her. It feels disrespectful, I suppose. /Sorry, lots of feelings about this.
  4. defiantdolly said: there’s something unsettling about it, but i couldn’t even tell it was CGI. impressive but creepy.
  5. deusholmes said: good point
  6. itsthesolarsystem said: even if her family said it was cool that is still gross
  7. julianassanges said: how about bring back ddl from the grave to pass the third amendment in 40 yrs
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